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Why am I running for re-election?  There’s a lot more work that needs to be done.

Please click on the pictures below to see larger versions of a flyer explaining some of the issues that I believe are essential to the Yakima Valley area and our state.



Remembering the Fallen

Rep. Chandler speaking on Memorial DayFriends,

Freedom has to be earned. It doesn’t just happen.

This is something we always need to keep in mind, especially when we remember events such as the 70th Anniversary of D-Day this week; no other battle exemplifies so well the courage of our soldiers and how their actions shaped the world.

Last Monday I was honored to be the keynote speaker for the Memorial Day ceremony at the Lower Valley Memorial Gardens in Sunnyside. It was exciting to see so many people out there to honor those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms.

It’s in moments like these when everything is put into perspective again.

I hope you were able to take time on Memorial Day to remember the sacrifice our nation’s military and their families.

The 2014 Campaign Begins

I’m pleased to announce that last month I filed to run for re-election. I’m excited to once again have the opportunity to serve you as State Representative for the 15th District.

I’m especially looking forward to working more on shaping our budget process during next year’s full-length legislative session. As the House Republican’s lead budget negotiator, I have been focused on using existing tax dollars more wisely without increasing what government takes from the people.

Unfortunately it’s an uphill battle, which is why I’m running for re-election to continue the effort, and also why I am actively helping to support other candidates across our state who could help create a majority of legislators who believe in smaller, more effective government.

I hope I can count on your continuing support during this election cycle. You can follow my campaign and sign up to volunteer or donate here on my website,

All my best,


2014 Legislative Session is Over

Friends, The 2014 Legislative Session ended March 13th, on time and on budget!  Today I want to update you a little bit about session and what’s next.

2014 Session: Focused on What Matters

There are several important successes of the recent session:

  1. We passed a supplemental budget that lives within our means.  Last year the Legislature required the budget to be balanced over 4 years, and this had a significant impact on negotiations this year.  The result is a final budget that is stable and predictable going into the next couple of years.
  2. We did not raise taxes.  The budget put some additional money into the budget, including for K-12 education, but that was done without any tax increases.  I consider this a significant accomplishment.
  3. Rather than focus on creating new programs, the budget reinforced existing programs, including STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics).  The Legislature also improved services to our community’s most vulnerable–including seniors and the developmentally disabled.
  4. The Legislature left more money in reserves for the future than last year’s budget.
  5. Tuition for state colleges was frozen for another year–halting the long term trend of tuition increases that has burdened students and their families, especially the poor and middle class.

Back in the District

Now that session is over, I’ve been happy to be back in the district.  One of the first things I do after getting back from Olympia is meet with as many groups and individuals as I can around the district to try to touch base about what was accomplished and hear from people about what’s on their minds. I’m also preparing for this fall election.  Believe it or not, 2014 is an election year again so I’m busy developing materials to provide information to voters, writing letters to supporters and making other preparations.  I’ve already made a few updates to my website, which you can see for yourself at

I Need Your Help!

All these items require money to make them happen.  That’s why I want to ask you today to consider contributing to my campaign to help me continue to serve you well as your State Representative.  Please click the link below to donate today!

Donate Today!

Thank you for your support!

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Happy New Year from Bruce Chandler


Bruce with his granddaughterI hope you had a Merry Christmas!

I had an early Christmas present myself–the birth of my first grandchild!  Vivian Lou Roberts was born on December 12th.

I got to hold her in the hospital after she was delivered as you can see in the photo.  I’m thankful for such a wonderful blessing to enjoy this coming new year.

A New Year and a New Legislative Session

Speaking of a new year, the 2014 Legislative Session begins January 13 and is scheduled to run through March 13th.  As the new lead negotiator for the House Republicans I will be focusing on how we can use existing funds to better serve the people of Washington.

There are some things to watch out for in the coming session:

1. Last Year’s Budget Leads to Improved Situation this Year

This is the first time in several years we’ll be starting a session with no budget shortfall, thanks to the bipartisan budget passed this past summer that set clear priorities rather than resorting to higher taxes.

2. There Will be Another Fight Against New Taxes

There will undoubtedly be efforts by some legislators to return to spend more and to create new programs, as in years past. House Republicans understand that Washington’s working families and small businesses continue to struggle with stagnant incomes and rising costs of living. We will continue to stand against tax increases; higher taxes would only make their circumstances worse.

3. I’m Working Hard to Stick to the Priorities

Our caucus continues to be actively engaged in budget negotiations, as we were this past year. Our mission will be to stick to the clear priorities (jobs, income stagnation, education) and live within our means.

You’ll be hearing more from me soon about additional budget and session information.  In the meantime I hope you enjoy the rest of the holiday season.

All of my best,


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Opinion Piece in the Seattle Times

Last week I mentioned that I would have more information soon about the Columbia River Treaty between the U.S. and Canada.  Well, I’ve since had an opinion piece about this published in the Seattle Times.  Today I wanted to share that with you.

Guest: Future generations deserve our thoughtful consideration of Columbia River Treaty

THE Columbia River Treaty might not seem as though it impacts your daily life. But, it does, every time you turn on your faucet, pay your power bill or seek local produce at the grocery store.

Our friends in the Portland area understand the importance of the treaty after a flood in 1948 destroyed the town of Vanport, Ore., and in 1996 when Portland was threatened with its own flood.

Forty years ago, American and Canadian officials made the agreement to manage the mighty Columbia River that is shared by the two countries by coordinating flood risk management and optimizing hydropower production. This treaty has served us well, helping Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and Canada have a balanced approach to managing our shared water source.

Read the rest of the article on the Seattle Times website >>> 

Upcoming Field Hearing on Columbia River Treaty

On Monday, December 9th the U.S. House Natural Resources Committee will hold a field hearing in Pasco.  The subject will be “The Future of the US-Canada Columbia River Treaty – Building on 60 years of Coordinated Power Generation and Flood Control”.

This is a good opportunity to learn more about the Treaty and what to expect in the coming negotiations.  Details on the location and time are below.

Pasco City Council Chambers
525 N. 3rd Ave
Pasco, WA 99301

Monday, December 9, 2013
9:00 A.M PST

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