House Democrat Budget Unsustainable and Unpredictable

Last week, House Democrats advanced their budget proposal on party lines. I’ve opposed this proposal as unsustainable and unpredictable. It’s funded with over $1.5 billion in new and increased taxes. I’ve been focused on a sustainable, predictable, and stable budget that works for, not against, Washington families. House Democrats aren’t prioritizing Washington families as they should be.

Increasing taxes ignores the struggles Washington families have faced in this slow and difficult recovery. Private sector growth is the key to getting more money into education and crucial services. We have $3 billion in new revenue for this budget. Let’s focus on eliminating waste and controlling costs. Washington families have to live within their means. I believe Olympia should have to do the same.

Disappointing Attacks on Washington Taxpayers

I have already outlined the dangers the House Democrat’s budget poses to our fragile economy. We should be thanking the hardworking taxpayers who have struggled through tough times. Washington families are just getting back on their feet. We can’t knock them back down with irresponsible tax increases. We need to focus on the $3 billion in new revenue and containing exploding costs in government.

I’m committed to seeing the budget process through. I’m hopeful we will be able to produce better results for all Washingtonians. We’ve already passed the first step. Both parties are talking about the same priorities. It’s through a thoughtful collaboration that those goals will be funded. We can improve K-12 education and reduce class sizes. We can create private sector jobs, and help small businesses. We can invest in mental health services and our communities. We can do it without raising taxes.

Agriculture Skills and Safety Bill Passed

Advancements in technology continue to push the envelope on what’s possible in agriculture. It’s a crucial sector of our local economy. I’m pleased to report the House passed my agriculture skills and safety bill on a broadly bipartisan vote. I want to ensure we can properly transition workers into more skilled careers; protecting important family wage jobs.

Economic growth is important in the 15th District, as it is across our great state. Efficient, safe, and sustainable agriculture will ensure economic growth and ensure Washington is ready for the next generation of farming and producing. That’s why House Bill 1127 is so important. Increasing productivity and safety will reap continued benefits across the state for years to come.


All my best,

Bruce Chandler




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